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Project Description

This is a project of many goals:
  • Create a Single Page Application
  • Explore the boundaries of client side technology
  • Make something useful
  • Find me @johnnliu

Read about it here:
  • Motivation, inspiration, and planning SharePoint 2010 as a Single Page Application (teaser)
  • First check in yay this is not vapour-ware on day 1
  • Second day is for quick necessary follow-up fixes on day 2
  • Third day is for quick re-organization of javascript assets, and simple fixes in translating list Title to REST names. They are different, for no particular reason.
  • 4th day - expands a list row to show all fields for that list item
  • 5th day is actually when the 4th day got too exciting and went into the morning. There was a new build.
  • 6th day - tackled cleaning up unnecessary javascript references and dropped the referenced javascript files significantly. Also simplified the form object, since we don't use it at all. After that was sorted, did some fine tuning with the UI icons and list interface. Also bound web's Title and Description. And filtered out all hidden lists from the left navigation (most of them being system lists).
  • xx day - I've lost count how many days, but the July 13 update brings a new list template specifically for image libraries. The pictures are in Pinterest style! Read the notes here

Current technology list:

Upcoming plan:
  • Technology refresh:
  • Use more REST $expand
  • jQuery Promise
  • Responsive Design
  • TypeScript 0.9 Generics
  • Stay Tuned!

Additional information on starting a new project is available here: Project Startup Guide.

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